Are you the type of person who likes, or even has a strong need, for your goals or dreams to be validated?  Or are you one of those amazing people that are given a dream from God, and you run straight ahead never doubting yourself?  (If you are, let’s meet for lunch so you can perhaps share your thoughts.)

Unfortunately, I’m one of those other people who ask God for multiple signs.  (Gideon could have been my middle name.) Fortunately, God created me and He knows my heart’s need to be reminded that I’m on the right path.  So, recently, He reminded me again that a vocational school for the Deaf in Haiti is the right path!

Last week, a gentleman contacted me via Facebook.  We will call him Darwin – because that is his name. 😊   I have never met him personally, but I had heard his name from the Deaf children that we have in common.  He has a ministry to the Deaf in Haiti several hours from the Deaf community that I visit. We planned to talk via FaceTime, and immediately I knew that God had orchestrated this connection!

As we shared information about our separate ministries and our hearts for the Deaf in Haiti, we realized that God has given us the same message:  Vocational training for the Deaf in Haiti is a must!  We must start thinking about the future of these children.

While our ministries are several hours from each other over Haiti’s rocky terrain, we can certainly start praying together and encouraging each other.  God can work out the bumpy details as we follow Him.

This validation from God was just the inspiration I needed to get back into the Silent Auction mind-set.  I’ve got to tell people about this mission from God.  We’ve got to start a school that will bless these children now and prepare them for a future with hope!  I can’t keep quiet!  

We invite you to join us as we begin Making Spirits Bright on Dec 8th!  (oh, this is another blessing: it will beChristmas-themed Silent Auction, and I LOVE CHRISTMAS!)

Generous people have donated gorgeous gift baskets, fun gift cards, and more.  You can do your Christmas shopping with us!  

AND a Christmas choir – an American Sign Language Christmas choir will be performing for us.  We will have door prizes and educational displays and amazing food!   You won’t want to miss it!

Seating is limited so you’ll want to purchase your tickets as soon as they go on sale – this Saturday, October 13.