Divine Intervention via Instagram

The amazing Linnae Matthews (@offthecourtwithlinnae) discovered Haiti Deaf Outreach on Instagram.  She is a life coach, a college basketball coach and an all-around inspiring lady.  Growing up with Deaf parents, Linnae was touched by the stories of the Deaf in Haiti.

After a brief introduction over the phone so I could share more about HDO, Linnae immediately got to work.  She wanted the Deaf in Haiti to know that she believes in them.  She designed these amazing Tshirts (pictured below) and sold them while raising awareness about the Deaf in Haiti.  With the profit, she purchased 11 Amazon Fire tablets so each Deaf child could watch the Bible in American Sign Language.

HDO is excited to partner with Linnae!  She makes things happen and happen quickly.  Stay tuned for pictures of the kids with their T-shirts and tablets after Tammie’s upcoming trip.