A second chance

Well, I guess Mom has already told you all about me.

I’m a German Shepherd puppy, who was rescued from a less-than-desirable home and given a second chance to reach my full potential.  Mom explained that full potential means becoming everything God intended for you here on Earth to serve Him and others.  It is easier to reach your full potential when given encouragement and opportunities in life.  Mom is giving me both!

When the trainer informed us that I would not be a good candidate for the protection-dog training program, Mom was concerned…but she didn’t give up on me…she just loved me more.  Because she believes in this full potential idea, she wanted to give me an opportunity to reach mine!

She told me I remind her of the kids in Haiti – (“where’s Haiti?”, I asked).  The Deaf kids have a less-than-desirable history and have not been given encouragement or ample opportunities to do their best and to be their best for the Lord.  Many people think the Deaf are inferior and not good candidates to be educated.  Mom and I plan to change that stigma this summer in Haiti!

I plan to share my story with the Deaf kids as soon as they return home from school.  I hope our similar pasts will spark hope for the future!

Aren’t we all a little imperfect?  Don’t we all deserve to be loved exactly how we are today?  Aren’t you thankful God loves you unconditionally regardless of your past and your present?