With those intense brown eyes and that big smile, Roventzley has stolen many hearts – including mine!
On a recent trip to Haiti, a group of American college students was serving at the orphanage. After
lunch one day, Roventzley said, “I want to talk to one of the girls after school. Can you interpret for
me?” Now, Roventzley is eleven, ant this girl is a college student! What a sweet crush!
Roventzley is extremely bright and has a zeal for life. He enjoys doing everything and anything. He can
spend hours looking at books and making crafts. When his friends ask him to play soccer or ball, he runs
out to join them. Not one ounce of shyness in his veins. He wants to try all kinds of new games and
He easily remembers all of the Bible stories and can repeat lessons he has heard only once. During
church, he quickly volunteers to pray in front of everyone and adds to the lesson with his input.
I can’t’ wait to how God will use this easy-going and loveable young man!