Her birth name is Marie, but she is fondly called Mylove.  This sweet young woman is hard-of-hearing with a bright, beautiful smile. When she arrived, she quickly acclimated to both the hearing world and the deaf world inside the orphanage.  She has friends everywhere.

Being older, she has already learned to cook and to help take care of the babies and toddlers in the nursery.  She has her favorites at the nursey who reach out to her when she arrives. Also, she has made special bonds with some of the nannies.

Mylove would eagerly take on a challenge to learn something new if she were encouraged throughout the learning process.  I’m looking forward to praying with her to discern what God would want her to learn at the new school. Our dream is to offer several quarters of vocational training, and I’m curious to see what tasks she enjoys the most.  Join us in praying for this young lady with so much potential.

I really enjoy sitting and chatting with Mylove when I’m in Haiti.  She is such is a great conversationalist: She can tell story after story about the children at the orphanage.  Then she will ask all kinds of questions about my life in the United States. She is just to joy to talk to!

When you come to visit our school, you can sit and talk with her, too.  And here’s a fun fact: Cheetos are her favorite snack!