Kaley Beausoleil is a mom of two, a Homeschool Teacher, ASL student, photographer, and missionary. Kaley and her husband went to Haiti last October on a mission trip with Haiti Deaf Academy. Kaley knew very little sign but was eager to interact with the children. Kaley loved how eager the deaf children were to communicate, even though she knew very little Sign Language at the time. Kaley and her husband Boone plan to visit Haiti again in the future, but this time with more ASL under their belts! We contacted Kaley and asked if she would be willing to answer a few questions and she was! Take a look at the interview:

What inspired you to go to Haiti on a mission trip?

“I started doing short-term missions to Nepal when I was in high school. I always found people fascinating because there’s so much to learn from each other.”

What is your biggest take away from working with the Deaf in Haiti?

“I had never been immersed into deaf culture. All I knew ahead of time was some baby signs I learned with my kids when they were babies. I was excited to see how helpful the entire deaf community was to help teach me as much as they could in such a short time. They were very eager to teach and I was eager to learn.”

How do you see God working in the Deaf community in Haiti?

“I see God being the same in every place I’ve ever been. Even here in the States. Everyone has spiritual, emotional, and physical needs and He meets those needs by bringing people into our lives to bring us one step closer to knowing and understanding Him. He is good and He is present. Always. Even when life sucks.”

Why did you decide to learn sign language?

“There was so much I wish I could have communicated while I was in Haiti. When I return I want to understand their stories so I can better understand how to offer the spiritual, emotional, and physical support they need.”

How have you seen your life change while learning sign language?

“I was completely clueless to deaf culture before I started this journey, and I’ll admit I still have a lot to learn. I used to see deafness as a disability, but now I see it as a culture with its own language. It is a culture filled with some of the most fascinating people that can’t wait to show you their story.”

A big thank you to Kaley for sharing her story! It is amazing to see what God can do when we answer his call!

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