Just as most of you are experiencing above normal temperatures where you live, I also endured hot, hot temperatures on my recent trip to Haiti!  I had the privilege of staying with my friends and walking to the orphanage every day.  One day as I was walking in the oppressive sun, I saw a Haitian on the other side of the road carrying a tree branch, umbrella-style, to protect himself from the sun.  Made me giggle and made me wish that I had a tree branch, too.  What’s that saying?  ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’

Being in a country as poor as Haiti, I am constantly bombarded with the great needs of the people: food, clean water, shelter from the sun, health care, etc.  After spending a fun day with the Deaf kids, I was walking home and praying when God revealed to me:  their most dire need is prayer.

Prayer.  Sometimes we use it as a last resort when our resources aren’t enough.  Sometimes we even use the phrase, “All I can do is pray,” as if prayer has no power and gives no comfort.

The Bible contains approximately 650 prayers (reference.com).  Clearly, these prayers and Jesus’ devotion to prayer should clue us in on the importance of prayer.

In obedience to God’s message to me in Haiti, we are going to be sending out regular prayer emails.  We invite you to be in prayer for our ministry.  Prayer alone, with your family, with your small group, with your church – however God is calling you to pray.

We’ve certainly seen God intervene in response to our prayers in the past, and I’m eager to see Him intervene when we all start praying together!

You can sign up for the prayer email by visiting our website, www.haitideafoutreach.org