If I could describe Jeffson’s personality in three words, those words would be intelligent, methodical, and overflowing with potential.  Ok. So, that is more than three words, but it’s an accurate description nonetheless.
Jeffson succeeds in all of his school subjects and thrives in the areas of math and science.  When given a project, he starts with a plan and strategy, and then works with precision and accuracy.  He loves perfection, and mistakes quickly frustrate him. I’m often impressed with the mechanical inventions that he has created out of the scarce resources around the orphanage.  Had he grown up in America, Jeffson would be quickly accepted into a STEM-focused school.
Being well-rounded, Jeffson also has a playful side.  He loves to laugh, tease his classmates and join in a game of soccer.  Often, he declares himself “captain” of the team so he can explain the strategy needed to win the game.
On Sunday, I enjoy watching Jeffson stand up in front of the church and tell stories from the Bible or pray at the beginning of service.  His knowledge of the Bible is evident in the detail he includes in his presentation. He is sure to become quite the story-teller.
Perhaps he will become a preacher to the Deaf.  Perhaps he will become a teacher. Perhaps he will become a construction worker.  With all of his ambition and intelligence, the possibilities are numerous. We’ll be praying for God to lead Jeffson in the direction that will glorify God the most.