Actually, it’s both.  Meet Itralene, A.K.A. Gracie.  She is one of the two blue-eyed beauties in our Deaf school.
Gracie came to the school at age 10 with no language skills.  It’s hard to imagine living 10 years with no way to communicate your feelings or your desires or your needs.  
She was immediately welcomed by the children at the Deaf school and quickly began to teach her language.  Immediately, she became best friends with the other blue-eyed Deaf girl.  Now, they are practically inseparable.
Shy by nature and the delay of language development, it’s a slow start to a conversation with Gracie.  You can tell a lot by looking into her eyes as you talk with her.
Gracie is full of smiles and giggles. Although she enjoys learning, she struggles in school.  Having a very creative mind, she is delighted with crafts and can often be found coloring when school is over.  
Would you like to add Gracie to your prayer list?  
Please pray specifically that her heart would be drawn to a deep relationship with Jesus.  Pray that her mind would be opened to learning.  Also, please pray that she continues to improve her language skills.  
We grateful to have you as a prayer partner!