Kids from hard places (orphanages, foster care, abusive homes) typically do not know their homes as a place where love lives.  Sometimes even kids in safe homes do not know home as a place where love lives.

That is one of the “WHYs” of Haiti Deaf Outreach.  One reason we want to create an after-school program outside the orphanage is to give the kids a place to call “home.”  We plan to create a safe space where the kids know and experience love and acceptance – all the time. A place where the Word of God is studied so the love of God can be expressed.

We should all be growing in the love of God, right?  I’ve been asking God to show me His love through people around me so I can emulate that experience in Haiti.   And He graciously heard and answered my prayer.

A couple of years ago, in a Sunday school class at church, I met a wonderful, soft-spoken couple, Daniel and Penny.  We met by sitting next to each other one day. (God’s plan, I’m sure). We became closer when we all joined a special prayer task force at church.  Daniel and Penny are champion prayer warriors.

This couple has made me feel so welcomed into their lives and has fully accepted me exactly as I am.  They celebrate with me and cry with me and pray with me. If I’ve been out of touch for a while, I’ll receive a phone call or email to meet for dinner to catch up – which means they actually want to spend time with and know what is going on in my life.  It’s not an obligation for them.

How many children have felt that?  How many adults have even experienced such a sincere form of love?

This is the type of love and acceptance I want the kids to experience at the HDO program in Haiti.  Perhaps we will even refer to our after-school program as “homeschool.”

I’m thankful that God has answered my prayers, and I will continue to ask Him to send me examples of love so I can learn it, take it to Haiti and shower the Deaf kids with a love they have never known.

Have any ideas on God’s love?  Please share with me. I’m a teachable student and will soon be putting what I’ve learned into practice in Haiti.