When we love someone, we naturally want to share our lives with them.   Last weekend, my cousin drove 3 hours stay with me.  I was so excited to have her in my house and in my city. Because we grew up together and I love her dearly, I naturally wanted to share with her my favorite places to eat, fun places to shop, and then worship together on Sunday morning at my church.
The same experience happens when I visit the Deaf in Haiti.  I want to share with them a little piece of America so every trip I’ll pack photos of my family, magazines, small trinkets and treats like animal cookies or goldfish crackers.  They are quite interested in our American lives.  
Upon returning from Haiti, I want to do the same in America.  I love the Haitian culture and the brightly smiling deaf kids, and I’m eager to share their stories with everyone.  Although I’ve never considered public speaking particularly enjoyable, when I start sharing stories about the children,  my spirit soars and I can talk for hours about the challenges, the humor, and the hope of the kids I’ve visited.
God has filled my heart to overflowing with passion to help these Deaf children in Haiti. I can’t help but to share it.   If you are searching for a guest speaker for a special event, I’d love to share these stories with you, too.   Please contact me today!
-Tammie Showalter