The most obvious observation from my time in Haiti last week is this:  these kids are growing up. And still without hope for the future.

As I observed them in their natural routine, I noticed these deaf children aren’t so little anymore. Their personalities are changing; their desires are different; their minds are forming opinions that will become part of their psyches as adults.

All of the boys are now taller than me!

Activities that used to hold their interest for hours now just keep their attention for a short time.  

I could see the restlessness in their eyes – the dullness of nothing to hope for in the future.  My heart hurt for them.

It saddens me that our vocational school isn’t ready to provide exciting opportunities that will challenge their minds and keep their hands busy.  (Doesn’t Proverbs warn us about idle hands?)

It scares me that they aren’t being discipled to walk with Christ or being encouraged to learn more about God and His Word.  (Our school’s first priority!)

At night I would cry out to God, “Certainly, You can see this urgent need.  These are Your children. What can I do?”

Back in the U.S., this is still my prayer: “God, what can I do from here?”

Can this be your prayer, too?  Yes, YOU!

This dream will take more than a village, and I ask (beg might be a better word) you to ask God, “What can I do from here?”   

Can you be a dedicated prayer warrior?  Can you tell others about our cause? Can you volunteer your organizational or administrative skills?  Can you be a monthly partner? Can you offer encouragement? Can you listen to God and obey whatever He asks of you?

When God responds, don’t hesitate.  Contact us, and we’ll start this school together.  Together, we can offer hope!