Meet Emma.  Emma is a delightful young woman – energetic and full of kindness.  
She loves to learn – anything and everything.  She is an excellent student and quickly finishes her school work; at which point, she begins helping the younger students with their work.  Outside of school, she likes to learn more skills to improve her sewing.
Emma is a natural care-take of the younger kids – braiding their hair, helping them prepare for school or church, reminding them to finish their chores and teaching them about life.  Her heart is overflowing with love and kindness for others.
Her out-going personality has won her many friends in the orphanage.  She is hard-of-hearing which has allowed her to communicate with the hearing kids, too.  Of course, she has taught them some sign language, and it’s heart-warming to see the hearing kids comfortably signing with her and other deaf kids.
I’m excited to see how God will use this amazing young woman that He has created with so many talents.  Stay in touch with us so you can discover His plan for her, too!