My friend, Carol, loves to shop for toys for the Deaf kids in Haiti.  Whenever she is at the dollar store or Wal-Mart or other store that carries inexpensive trinkets for kids, she heads to the toy aisles.  I’m always amazed at the unique gifts she finds for me to deliver to the children.  
For just a couple of U.S. dollars, her treasures entertain the children for hours.  She has a way of knowing what will make the kids think, question, laugh and share.  On hot and humid days, her gifts have offered a new experience to help the kids (and me) focus on anything other than the heat.
Her love for these deaf children – children she has never met, but come to adore through my stories and pictures – teaches me a lesson, too.  This ministry to the Deaf in Haiti requires many helpers.  Even though Carol may never visit Haiti, she is an important part of Haiti Deaf Outreach.  Even though she may never meet the children personally, she touches their lives on every visit.
Think and pray about the skills and passions God has given you.  How can you use your unique gifts to impact Deaf children in Haiti?

-Tammie Showalter