Cardova has been at the school less than a year.  She is still very shy and unsure of herself. The younger girls, Gracie and Darlia, decided to take on Cardova as a project – showing her around, sharing clothes with her and teaching her the basics of American Sign Language.

One thing I immediately noticed about Cardova is her desire to be affectionate.  Once she realized she could trust me, she would sit very close to me. She would play with my hair or trace the prominent veins on my pale hands and arms.  Being an affectionate person myself, I was more than happy to share this special bond with her.

During my visit in May, I was honored to interpret for Cardova’s baptism.   We treaded out into the cold, muddy waters of the river. Pastor Yves explained the symbolism of baptism and asked her questions while I interpreted his words.  She seemed timid- partly because that is her personality, and partly because of the crowd on the river bank witnessing this amazing moment. When we lifted her out of the water, she was all smiles.  

Keep following us to learn more about Cardova.  As she becomes more comfortable with language and her new home, I’m sure she will be willing to share more of herself with us!