Though his birth name is Jean Sandley, everyone knows him by his American name, Bob.  Bob’s outlandish personality shines through in his smile. This never-ending smile has made him our most famous student.  Famous among the Deaf kids, the hearing kids, and especially American visitors!
Bob is not deaf but is non-verbal.  He has a disability that makes it difficult to learn at the rate of other hearing children so he was placed in the Deaf classroom.  Slowly, Bob is learning sign language from the Deaf children who surround him. He benefits from one-on-one learning. He enjoys puzzles, books and matchbox cars.  Like other little boys, he loves to run and scream and play with the others kids.
Loyalty is a word that describes Bob’s friendships.  Often, he looks out for his Deaf friends by letting them know when the hearing kids are trying to get their attention.  More importantly, he lets his Deaf friends know when the dinner bell rings!
Check out these pictures of Bob, and you’ll see what I mean about that joyous smile!