Of course you do!

At our recent fundraiser, we asked guests to share their BIG IDEAS to help us succeed with opening the vocational school in Haiti.

We received some great BIG IDEAS that we implemented immediately.  One idea was prayer, and we have started a weekly prayer meeting focusing on all aspects of Haiti Deaf Outreach.  Another idea was to research grants that might be available, and one kind volunteer has already begun researching that idea.

Now, we want to hear your BIG IDEA!

Our goal is to open a vocational school in Haiti that will focus on Bible training and job training for the Deaf. This year we are focusing on the opening of the school. We want to meet our fundraising goal, continue to talk with the property manager about the numerous details and start interviewing staff.

How can we work together to reach our goal in 2019?

Share with us your BIG IDEA on how to open the school in 2019.  In return, we will send you a special gift for your prayers and insight! Send us your ideas to tammie@haitideafoutreach.org or send us a message on our Facebook page.

We are so excited to see how God will use you in our mission this year!

 Happy 2019!