Meet Amanta!  This young woman is all attitude!  Being very independent, she likes to do things her way – even if someone suggests an easier way.  Strong-willed and such a beautiful face – watch out world!
Amanta doesn’t just jump into activities.  Instead, she sits back and watches others jump in while she decides two things: 1) Do I really want to join in? and 2) How can I do this in my own way?
She is very caring and often helps with the babies and toddlers.  After school and after chores, she can be found holding a baby or helping a toddler with bath time.  She is very reliable and trustworthy with the youngsters. And the littles one love her visits, too!
Not sure how God will use this young woman, but excited to watch her grow.  Will you begin to pray that she has a stron g desire to know God personally and to serve Him unconditionally?